New Year Vaccine

*My apologies for accidentally posting a draft the first time. This one’s for real.

Remember those dreams of showing up at school unprepared for the test? Or worse yet, naked?

Last night I dreamed I showed up at a wedding forgetting there was pandemic. I hadn’t even brought a mask. I felt stupid, unprepared, and exposed. The dream made me wonder if our nightmares will change; will the kids of today dream they accidentally showed up for school instead of that they forgot to go?

And as long as I am drawing parallels, the slow and inadequate distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine reminds me of people going hungry. We have enough food, but somehow don’t know how to get it from point A to point B, so people starve.

The Chief Operations Officer for Warp Speed names the holiday season, winter weather and lack of communication for the great lags between acquiring the vaccine and releasing the vaccine.

Kudos to General Perna for taking responsibility for the confusion, and delay, but aren’t there always holidays and snow in the winter? Did this come as a surprise, impossible to plan for?

How is it that Amazon manages to get our frivolous crap items delivered to us in all sorts of weather, on weekends, and yes even on holidays, but the government can’t get their act together for the vaccine? (I know, I know, some of us have issues with praising Amazon. But let’s face it, for many of us, Amazon is the a-hole we can’t live without.)

I really do hate to start the new year off as a Negative Nelly. There truly is a lot to look forward to this year. There’s a vaccine! I have a book coming out! My niece is having a baby! And it is super easy for me to sit here and point fingers to The Very Important Men in charge. But OhMyGod guys, details! Planning! The unglamorous details are so important. Life or death for some. And a pandemic is making us a little….eager?

Can we hurry up just a little? Or a lot? The new year won’t be new for long. And we’re not getting any younger either.