The Stranger I Call Mother Reconnecting

Visit With My Estranged Grandmother Alienation often includes an entire side of a family, including loving grandparents.

Hope and Empowerment for Alienated Parents. A message to alienated parents which was also published on the blog of Dr. Craig Childress, Parental Alienation expert: Enough.

The Sweet Spot of LessMake room for the muse.

Bare Bones. Choosing what is essential, in writing and in life.

Making Time For Chores Is Part of Life. Shielding kids from chores is not doing them any favors.

Lessons Learned. The parenting choice I never expected to make. 


Writing Well Creative Writing Contest, Nonfiction Winner 2016.

Brain, Child Magazine, May 2015 Editor’s Pick.

The Boston MOTH StorySLAM Champion, March 2015.

Honorable Mention, 76th Annual Writing Contest, Writer’s Digest memoir.