Writing Matters

I’ve recently made significant revisions to my book The Uncluttered Mother and it is being review by two publishers. So fingers crossed, I will find its home soon.  In the interest of walking my talk, I finally did some long overdue digital housecleaning. This is the only decluttering chore that I have truly dreaded, and it felt great to get it done. 

Now that I am lighter and less distracted by digital clutter, and my first book is out of my hands (for now), I have turned my attention back to my memoir. I’ve grappled with the title for months (years?) and have settled on Alienated; of all the themes a reader could glean from this book, I think that alienation is the most significant. Personally, I was alienated from my mother after my parents’ divorce when I was four years old; perhaps only a small fraction of readers will relate to this particular trauma. But of a more universal motif is the alienation  from myself that I struggled to overcome after such a loss. So although it reads like a poignant memoir, it is my intention that it offers hope of wholeness and healing for anyone with a tough childhood, one that left them disconnected from their own power. 

How do I marry my two books, one narrative nonfiction and the other memoir? Where is the connection?  Well, if there is too much inner and outer extraneous matter, if we are too distracted,  we will avoid – or never find- the path back to Self.  On the contrary, it is hard to be uncluttered and remain alienated because in the open spaces, the way is revealed.

7 thoughts on “Writing Matters

  1. You marry your nonfiction *&* memoir by bridging the gap between the two>connection: both are true (nonfiction) comprising truthful events *&* different truths =same author different suit< *&* your creativity is from awesome-to-supreme in a superior way!!!!

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      1. My name is Van, but mildred is my mothers name, but the name here in honor her=their is no value more priceless than a Mother! I am honored tomeet you.

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  2. This article reminds me of a post I published this morning titled, *On Being A Successful Writer *&* Author* *&* your post here mirror *&* reflect your post here or vice versa=God is great. Amen!


  3. I am a writer *&* poet *&* I pray day *&* night to God for the Gift He endowed me with to write *&* the talent He bestowed within me to kook at any writings *&* pen a Quote tailor-made to it on the spot *&* impromptu *&* God instilled in me to write about anything as I write manuscripts for books, but greater than all of that God allowed me to know when I meet special writers *&* especially a writer of your unique talent *&* believe me, I am glad God allowed me to meet you, *&* thank you for being you, *&* thank God for creating you to help enlighten with your works the Shepard’s Sheep!

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